Saturday, 28 August 2010

Jolen cream bleach – review!

I’ve recently purchased Jolen crème bleach for £4.99/$7.75 for my brow hair which I don’t want to pluck, just because it was affordable and the only product of its type that I found in Boots (store). So naturally I didn’t expect much, but it did prove me wrong.

The packaging is very accurate and compact and the product comes in a bigger size. The instructions were very easy and simple. They also provided me with a little spatula and a palette for mixing the two formulas together – which I found very economical, as you don’t have to use the whole product in one time, it gives you the option of ‘use how much you need’.

You don’t have to wait long before you can apply it, around 2 minutes, just to let it settle. Then, as the instructions directed I waited for ten minutes and removed the mix with a damp cloth.

The results did impress me, because the area that I bleached was on my face, the brow, hence it wasn’t too rough on my skin even the sensitive skin on my face. It bleached well, with an even effect and the bleached hair was very soft as promised.

I have to say I don’t regret buying it, but I wouldn’t buy it again. That is because although the effect was good and it was affordable, I could get near enough the same result with normal hair bleach from eBay for £0.99/$1.53, plus you’ll get more of the product. I’m not saying that it will be better quality cheaper, but if you are a student like me you want the choice that saves the most money!

However that is not to say I wouldn’t recommend it, it is a good product just maybe less affordable for some people. It proved what claims it maid and I wasn’t disappointed in quality. All in all a good product, with outweighing positives.

Thank you for reading!

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