Saturday, 28 August 2010

How to keep your face moisturised naturally.

 A few months ago my face was so dry that it started to peel. This is every girl’s nightmare and became mine too! I rushed to Boots and got everything I possibly could to get that moisture back. I bought a pile of creams from the leading brands, but after a few weeks I noticed that nothing really changed, that is when I started to panic even more. I thought that maybe it was some kind of skin condition.

 But, my mum came to the rescue. She is a doctor and has studied that subject, hence I didn’t really object to her advice. Later I realised how right she was!

 To keep your skin moisturised do not wash your face with soap every day, not even every other day! Soap contains ethanol which dries skin, by washing away the protective oil layer. It is that layer which naturally keeps your skin moisturised and the more commercial products you use the quicker it will age!

 Wash your face every day with warm water to wash away the dirt and only use soap once a week. I also recommend that you make ice cubes with green tea and vitamin E which both contain natural antioxidants which slow down the aging process and the ice refreshes the skin muscles. Use the ice cubes every evening when you get out of the shower and gently move the ice cube all over your face and neck.

 The only commercial products I use on my face are make up (rarely) and the Clarins make up remover. Don’t forget to remove your make up; don’t ever go to bed with foundation and eyeliner it ruins your skin very badly, so always keep a pack of baby wipes if you make up remover isn’t handy!

 Thank you for reading!

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