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The right foundation for you!

It’s very hard to find the right foundation for your skin that is why I wrote this review, just to eliminate some of the weakest links and make it easier for some to choose correctly. Also because I have tried out a lot of the brands over the past few years and wanted to share my opinion, so that you save a bit of money, by not “testing” but picking right straight away.

The brands and products that I chose are quite popular and have been established for a while, which allowed me to test them for a prolonged period of time, hence delivering near enough accurate results. Another beneficial thing is that they all range in price, so that if you’re saving or you’re a student you’ll know which brand is better for an affordable price.

I’ll start with “Olay complete care touch of foundation/daily moisturiser with a touch of MAX Factor foundation” which I regard the best choice for teenagers who refuse to give up using make up. It contains Olay moisturiser which acts as the protective layer (some people use it as a daily moisturiser for work and get both the coverage and the protection) and MAX Factor tint that just evens out your colour. It’s also SPF 15, which acts as a sunscreen, 15 isn’t particularly high, but the fact it’s there and it will provide protection. The packaging alleges that the content does not clog pores and is easily absorbed, however I wouldn’t say it’s very absorbent at all. I wouldn’t recommend it for people who want heavy coverage though, as its very light and only covers mild pigmentation. I also wouldn’t recommend it if you have oily skin, the moisturiser feels and looks as though you have cream on your face. You could of course solve that problem, many people do, by lightly dabbing finishing powder on top which absorbs that extra oil and creates an even effect. However, all that foundation creates layers and can sometimes look cakey, also it’s not much helpful if you’re trying to use it for beneficial reasons and then end up layering on top. Overall it’s a very good product, I think this type of foundation is practical for everyday use when you don’t want anything heavy, one that doesn’t ruin the skin as much as standard products of its type usually do. It was £7.99/$12.35 when I bought it and I think it’s slightly overpriced, when I consider the target market to be teenager and student who cannot afford to spend so much on such non essentials.

Next is “Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation” which isn’t singularly special in my collection, as I find it heavy with no beneficial factors for the skin. The packaging claims “16 hour transfer resistant anti-trace” which is somewhat fulfilled and to being “mineral enriched”, that I cannot check, but I can say although it feels heavy on the skin, it doesn’t look it at all. This foundation can cover a lot of surface with a pea sized portion and spreads well giving an even finish. It’s designed for all types of skin, but I think it would better suite oily skin, as its absorbent when applied. It cost me £5.39/$8.33 which is a bit over priced for what it offers, but then again it’s pretty average price for products of its type.

My first foundation was “Mz Vanity Cover Me Foundation”. I don’t even think it’s worth writing about, because I bought it from a 99p shop and everyone knows products they sell aren’t very good quality. It’s still full, I probably only used it for a week. It’s runny and only came in one colour which was too pale for me, however it contains vitamin E cream which acts as an antioxidant and I’m a very big fan of that vitamin (please read my blog on “How to keep my face moisturised naturally” to find out more). It does feel and smells like a cream, that is why it doesn’t really suite to be a foundation, it hardly contains any foundation-like features. I guess I only wrote about it because of that vitamin, I honestly think it’s one of the best natural antioxidants available. This foundation would work as a base layer or a the most!

I saw an advert for “Almay smart shade makeup foundation” and decided to purchase it purely based on its unusual feature, which is that it adapts itself to suite your skin tone. I squirted a bit on the back of my hand it came out white at first and then I watched in astonishment when it changed colour as I was rubbing it in. I was really taken by that and by how natural it looked. My skin felt really soft and smooth. It’s SPF 15, promises not to clog pores and hypoallergenic (promises to cause fewer allergic reactions). That offered a great package for me. On the contrary, it feels rather heavy on the skin and that doesn’t surprise me considering how much substances would have gone into making that special feature. And not all of the substances are good for the skin, considering they are new and haven’t been in use for long enough to note their drawbacks, which did put me off using it. And although it adapted to an impressive shade on my skin, I hove other foundations that do a much better job. I know that sounds really negative, but my skin is young and hasn’t yet been spoiled by all the chemicals and I really try to find the most beneficial foundation (although some of my favourites aren’t that advantageous as you will find out). It cost me £6.95/$10.74 which, unfortunately, would also have to fall under my ‘overpriced’ category.

Next is, hands down, one of my most favourite foundations “Sally Hansen Fast and Flawless spray on foundation”. It is, as the title suggests, spray on and it gives the best airbrushed effect I could get with a foundation. My method of applying it is by first spraying it on the back of a hand, then lightly dabbing it into a powder brush and with a patting motion applying it all the face. Make sure however that you apply a toner first, as it will prepare your face for that airbrushed effect, kind of works as a blank canvas! It’s water resistant and lightweight – hardly noticeable on the face. However it doesn’t contain any creams or vitamins or sunscreens, it’s simply foundation and that might be a positive for some, but it means that there is little protection which is always a negative for me. You could of course create your own protection layer by applying a moisturiser beforehand, but that would create a layered effect – which explains why this foundation is so light. It was £4.99/$7.71 when I bough it which was a fair price, but now it has come down to £2.00/3.09 and I consider it a bargain!

“Giordani Gold age defying foundation” I got it from my mum when I just started getting into makeup and I wasn’t disappointed in it on the other hand I wasn’t exactly blown away by it either! It’s really heavy and offers little protection with only SPF 8. And it’s fairly smudgy and runny so for some people topping it up with a layer of finishing powder would have to be a solution. Nonetheless it looks really rich when applied, it almost looked golden; it especially looks good in sunlight, as it contains reflective formula that highlights the skin and especially the cheekbones. Its current price is £15.00/$23.18 and although it offers a lot and it is a prestigious brand, there are other foundations which are much cheaper and offer the same, if not more!

Next is another favourite of mine “GOSH Lift me up!” It’s fairly light and covers the skin evenly. It lies on perfectly and delivers a very natural effect. It has a dry texture so when applied doesn’t leak or smudge. I’m really happy with it and at $9.99/$15.44 I hope you will be too!  It is a bit overpriced, but I think you can find it for about £5.00/$7.72 and it’s worth it either way!

Maybelline’s “Dream matte mousse” is a good foundation, but it is very heavy and really gives you the cakey effect. I’m not a very big fan of it, but I do have two versions! I would use it in emergency situations, but would never chose to wear it if I knew I would be exposed to very good lighting or would be standing too close to someone I want to impress – basically it’s not for close ups. But the texture is pleasant, makes the skin feel soft and distributes well. If I ever run out of it I wouldn’t buy it again especially not at £6.45/$9.97!

I watched an advertisement for Sheer Cover and decided to try it out - that was one of the best decisions I made (makeup wise!). There really is nothing bad about it. It works so well, it covers the skin so evenly portraying the airbrushed effect very well indeed, it contain beneficial minerals. Feels incredibly light on the skin, it has shimmer that reflects light - making the face look bright. I also love the sandy effect it gives me. It costs £7.49/$11.57 and I realise that it might be pricey, but buy this and you don’t need anything else!

I feel like I don’t have any more to say!

My last foundation is “Avon Personal Match”. It isn’t particularly amazing; in fact it really isn’t special at all. It resembles a lesser heavy version of Rimmel lasting finish, I would recommend it for people who don’t need much to cover – who just want to even out the colour here and there. It isn’t bad and defiantly worth looking at and trying out, but generally doesn’t make my top favourites! I bought it for £3.99/$6.16.

Hope you’ve read it all and are not falling asleep now!

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